2012 Total staff in parent company Kiener Lauchheim
Total staff in subsidiary Kiener Hungary
316 employees
90 employees
2007-2011 Extension of assembly area in Lauchheim to 7.000 m2 (75.000 sqft)
2003 New office building in Lauchheim with 600m² (6.500 sqft) and
additional assembliy bulding with 2.500m² (27.000 sqft) space
Staff in Lauchheim plant / Hungary plant
163 employees

66 employees

2000 Extension of office space to 950 m² (10.000 sqft)
Extension of production space to 2.500m² (27.000 sqft)
110 employees
1997 Extension of production space to 2.000m² (21.500 sqft) 85 employees
1996 Foundation of subsidiary KIENER Hungaria Kft. as an
autonomous company with own capacities of development, manufacture, mechanical and electrical assembly.
10 employees
1995 Foundation of LACOM-Vertriebs GmbH as an autonomous company for the world-wide sales and project engineering of coating systems. 5 employees
1992 Adoption of coating technology as a new field of activities
1990 Renaming in Kiener Maschinenbau GmbH. Erection of new company building with 600 m² office space and 1.000 m² production space.  Beginning of developing and manufacturing of special purpose machines and complex dedicated systems. 60 employees
1980 Founding of Kiener Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH by Waldemar Kiener. Thanks to many years of experience at the Fraunhofer Institute for Production and Automation Technique (IPA), W. Kiener is familiar with assmbly and testing techniques which are the core of the company´s activities. 3 employees